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Ensure That Your App Reaches the Right Target Audience.

Understand how users engage with apps and gain a more holistic view of how your app and its brand is positioned in the marketplace. Develop your marketing strategies to gain visibility across the app stores and in over 55 countries, globally.

Enhance your retention strategy with app usage data, giving you insight into your competitor’s user bases.

Track and monitor which keywords are driving the most organic downloads. Track against search popularity and which keywords are the most competitive.

Powerful Alone, Better Combined

Market Intelligence

4col marketintelligence

Win your mobile market

Look beyond your direct competitors with Airnow Data Market Intelligence, and get to grips with broader trends and opportunities in the global mobile app economy.

App Intelligence

4col appintelligence

Know your competitors

Airnow Data App Intelligence lets you get under the skin of your competitors, using comprehensive data to show you how and why they are performing the way they are.

Keyword Intelligence

4col keywordintelligence

Boost organic downloads

Airnow Data Keyword Intelligence gives you the research tools to make smarter decisions with your ASO strategy, leading to more organic downloads of your apps.

Usage Intelligence

4col userintelligence

Better understand retention cohorts

Gain extensive granular data into DAU, MAU, ARPDAU metrics with Usage Intelligence. Slice and dice your data, export for deeper analysis and API integration is also available.

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