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API Integrations For App Store & Google Play Data Dashboard

Our custom services can find the solution to any use-case

We have built one of the most flexible platforms and reporting dashboards in the industry. Integrate our data into your CRM or commercial product, gain access to one-off reports and identify the custom data sets that you and your company actually needs.

Unique Products Require Unique Solutions

We frequently scope complex data sets and API feeds to produce a tailored and support-driven approach to custom solutions.

Data 120x120 research


With over 3.5 billion unique mobile users, 4 million apps and 1.5 million keywords, our reporting capabilities cover 60 different markets with over 2 years of historical data.

Data 120x120 benchmark


With consistent reporting on the performance of your apps as well as your competitors, our custom services ensure your app growth strategy is always backed by data.

Data 120x120 track


Our tailored tracking capabilities give you a birdā€™s-eye view of the impact any changes or updates have on both downloads and engagement metrics of your app.

I Need a Custom Solution

Powerful Alone, Better Combined

App Intelligence

4col appintelligence

Know your competitors

Airnow Data App Intelligence lets you get under the skin of your competitors, using comprehensive data to show you how and why they are performing the way they are.

Keyword Intelligence

4col keywordintelligence

Boost organic downloads

Airnow Data Keyword Intelligence gives you the research tools to make smarter decisions with your ASO strategy, leading to more organic downloads of your apps.

Market Intelligence

4col marketintelligence

Win your mobile market

Look beyond your direct competitors with Airnow Data Market Intelligence, and get to grips with broader trends and opportunities in the global mobile app economy.

Usage Intelligence

4col userintelligence

Drive your sales

Drive sales further and receive extensive insights into the DAU, MAU, ARPDAU & retention data of your app with our Usage Intelligence tool, purchasable as an add-on.

Grow your App with our API Integrations & Custom Services

Ready to beat your Google Play and App Store competitors? Get in touch below to learn more about how our API integrations and custom services can be tailored to your business.

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