705x460 app intelligence

App Download & Revenue Data Tracking Tool

Stay one step ahead of your competitors

Broaden your data and uncover powerful competitive insights with Airnow Data App Intelligence. Our extensive performance insights provide the best combination of estimate accuracy and affordable price in the market, and are tailor-made for competitive benchmarking.

A Successful App is an Intelligent App

Giving you the tools you need to drive sales through data

Data 120x120 research


Explore a daily-updated database of App Store and Google Play apps, and gain access to more than 6 years of historical data across 60 markets.

Data 120x120 benchmark


Compare and benchmark app performance by Google Play and App Store ranks, downloads, and revenue to calculate market share and develop an effective growth strategy.

Data 120x120 track


Keep your finger on the pulse with instant notifications when a competitor launches a new app version, and track your competitors every step of the way.

I Want an Intelligent App

Powerful Alone, Better Combined

Market Intelligence

4col marketintelligence

Win your mobile market

Look beyond your direct competitors with Airnow Data Market Intelligence, and get to grips with broader trends and opportunities in the global mobile app economy.

App Intelligence

4col appintelligence

Know your competitors

Airnow Data App Intelligence lets you get under the skin of your competitors, using comprehensive data to show you how and why they are performing the way they are.

Keyword Intelligence

4col keywordintelligence

Boost organic downloads

Airnow Data Keyword Intelligence gives you the research tools to make smarter decisions with your ASO strategy, leading to more organic downloads of your apps.

Usage Intelligence

4col userintelligence

Drive your sales

Drive sales further and receive extensive insights into the DAU, MAU, ARPDAU & retention data of your app with our Usage Intelligence tool, purchasable as an add-on.

Grow your App with App Intelligence

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