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Data Security Policy

Read our Data Security Policy below

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything in this Policy, please contact us directly.

This Policy was last updated on August 1, 2020.

Airnow Data takes security and confidentiality seriously. Although most of the data aggregated and curated by our services comes from public channels, any sensitive data or credentials that we do collect is done so transparently, with proper permissions, and is secured in the most responsible manners. The purpose of this page is to explain our general security policies and also to highlight the measures we put in place to secure such data.

Where does Airnow Data run?

Airnow Data servers run as a web application on third party cloud platforms. Currently, the cloud service provider used by Airnow Data is Google Cloud Platform. We may use other cloud providers in the future if they meet our security and availability needs.

Airnow Data exchanges data with our users over secure TLS connection, and the public web facing application runs on HTTPS. The internal connections between our various servers and databases are also encrypted and secured via various standard methods.

What data does Airnow Data store?

Airnow Data collects the vast majority of its data through public access channels - primarily from the App Store and Google Play. Additionally, for customers who optionally grant explicit permission, Airnow Data will collect sales and marketing data for your apps from iTunes Connect, Google Play or other analytics providers for whom you specifically grant us access. Doing so requires that we log in or connect to these services and retrieve the data over a secure connection. To collect this data, Airnow Data may store an access token or username and password for those services, based on information that you optionally provide to us.

How does Airnow Data protect itself from external attackers?

The web servers that Airnow Data is running on are built using a modern web framework designed with security in mind. We follow best security practices, keep up to date with bugs and security patches and apply security updates to our systems in a very prompt manner. We have tools in place to detect abnormal behavior and have an internal security team responsible for keeping our security up to date.

How are payments processed?

We have a secure method of payment implemented on our site: Credit card payments via Recurly. We never collect your credit card information but instead securely pass the information to the payment provider. We can not access your credit card information as it is securely sent to our payment provider without passing through our server.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything in this Policy, please contact us directly.

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