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Our Data Partners give our clients access to extensive data at a discounted rate. Over 1,500 top developers have joined Airnow’s Partner Programme, which is currently comprised of over 20,000 apps.

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What does becoming an Airnow Data partner look like?

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In an ideal world...

App developers, publishers, marketing agencies, investment funds and SDK vendors of all shapes and sizes have access to leading data and insights into their competition.

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But in the real world...

There is not much room for investment in intelligence software during the early stages of an app’s life, leaving many apps unoptimised for their target audience.

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That's why...

We make a simple pitch. We connect your app store accounts, and give you 12 months of access to valuable app data, reports and insights at a discounted price.

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Ready to beat your Google Play and App Store competitors? Get in touch below to learn how we can work together to bring your apps to a global market.

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