What can Airnow Data’s Custom Market report do for you?



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Airnow Data’s Custom Market Report is a powerful tool that publishers, developers, advertisers, marketers, investors and researchers alike can use to gain an edge in the app market.

But before we delve into it, let’s start with the basics. What is a Custom Market Report?

What is a Custom Market Report

Airnow Data’s Custom Market Report can be specifically tailored to your company's requirements, allowing you to garner actionable insights into a target market, company or industry.

Custom Market Report: your ticket to data driven market research

Research that focuses closely on a specific category or metric within the app ecosystem, rather than looking at the entire market as a whole, is critical.

Custom Market Reports allows you to drill down to granular data and research your competitors - Identifying and highlighting what they are doing well, what opportunities they are missing, and where your business can slot into the market and thrive.

Custom market research is not speculative or abstract, but practical and data-driven – which makes it a safe investment. Custom market research is cost-effective because specific data gathering methods and overall processes are aligned with key priorities. For example, if a business is struggling with excessive customer churn, it can allocate its market research investment to addressing that issue.

Top charts and understanding your market

A custom market report can help you research when launching a new product, assist with analyzing your market position and identify areas for growth opportunities. Alongside highlighting where competitors are quickly gaining momentum and what areas competitors are completing successful practices.

Understanding your market is paramount, and Custom Market Reports is a sure-fire way to do this. They allow you to spot trends regarding your target market, whether that’s in a country, region or category for top apps or publishers, we’ve got you covered. Airnow Data provides the opportunity to access data across all app categories in up to fifty-five countries.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence gives you the upper hand, allowing you to look beyond your competitors, emphasizing the trends and opportunities in the global mobile app economy. With a top-line view of the app market you can identify the gaps and opportunities that are emerging and hone your app to be more customer-centric so you win your mobile market.

App Intelligence

Getting under the skin and understanding your competitors is vital for progression within your own company. Airnow Data App Intelligence lets you understand your competitors, using comprehensive data to show you how and why they are performing the way they are. Highlighting their weaknesses and improving your business performance. Giving you insight on how to overtake competitors and make your company stand out.

Wrapping up

Airnow Data’s Custom Market Report is a useful tool when understanding the data behind your business. Our tailored and personalized reports highlight what you're doing well, what areas your competitors are doing well or not so well in, allowing you to take advantage of the gap in the market.

Does this sound like something you might be interested in? If so, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team, or you can find out more about Airnow Data’s products and services on our website: https://airnowdata.com/