Project Management App ‘Clubhouse’ Benefits From Case of Mistaken Identity



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Users Searching for Trending Social Chat App Clubhouse Instead Download Collaborative Project Management App

You've probably heard about the new invite-only social media app Clubhouse, which has taken social media channels by storm recently. However, as people scrambled to get their hands on the app, it appears that confusion on how to download and begin using the app led to a case of mistaken identity in the Apple and Android app stores.

An app going by the same name of Clubhouse (a collaborative project management app developed by Clubhouse Software, Inc.), saw a massive increase in downloads over the course of the past week - an increase of 1.98 million downloads over the previous week.

Looking at the month of February to-date, the app has seen 3.98 million downloads. This represents a 2000% increase in Apple downloads since January, and a 753.7% increase in Android downloads since the previous month.

Many of these users downloading the Clubhouse app must have been disappointed when they realized they had in fact downloaded a collaborative project management app, rather than participating in the latest social media craze. While an app as buzzed about as the social chat app Clubhouse doesn’t need to worry about name recognition moving forward, Tim Armes, Airnow Data Client Services Director, points out that this is a “striking example” of “just how important it is for app-based businesses to establish a solid, well-planned out, differentiated brand that will resonate with their target audience.”

Armes continues, affirming “it pays to have a strategic plan to raise brand awareness, drive downloads and realize revenue from your app - otherwise, you could end up driving users to a completely different app, or not reach them at all.”

With more and more apps appearing on the market every day, how many more might we see join the mistaken identity club?