IAP Revenue Model Update 9.5



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Date Live in Airnow Data: 28 - 31 May 2021 (Platform and API users)

Model(s) Updated: In-app purchase revenue

Platform(s) Affected: iOS, GP

What changes did we make?

For this release we undertook a refit of the revenue model on historical data provided from additional publisher partners.

We have addressed specific cases for each platform objective.

On the GP side we increased revenue estimates coverage of some of the Japanese market verticals. This resulted in a market size increase for Q1 2021 over previous model estimates.

For iOS, we tuned the model to catch more patterns in Asian markets. We also addressed instances of over-estimation in long tail apps revenue. These changes resulted in a decrease of estimated global market for Q1 2021.

It is important to be aware that the changes that we make may affect some apps, publishers and categories more than others. If you have any questions about how anything in particular has been impacted by this update, please reach out to us at info@airnowdata.com or via Intercom within the Airnow Data platform.