Gaming’s Growing Revenues Fuelled by Battle Royale and New Sub-Genres



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In the latest instalment of their Mobile Games market analysis reports, media partners IHS Markit Technology have once again raised the bar in delving into the depths of the vast games category. Grab a copy of the research:

This latest report examines the performance of the top games and publishers during the second quarter of 2019 and the ongoing battle between the two main app stores. In fact, despite the recent dominance of Google Play in terms of users, it's Apple that continue to dominate revenues - Q2 saw the App Store make overall gains of $115m - a 2.4% increase from Q1.

GP remained firmly behind with a flat quarterly performance, with $3.9b net revenue versus Apple’s $4.9b, primarily boosted by strong numbers in Asia, notably China and Japan. Google Play failing to offer a viable Android alternative, Apple’s dominance is cemented in the region with new titles like Game for Peace (Tencent's state-friendly version of PUBG), which brought in $50m in iOS quarterly net revenues.

The importance of Asian titles and their publishers was further enhanced with Tencent’s dominance of the market, growing revenue by 18% QoQ, fuelled by the continuing success of PUBG Mobile and new title Game for Peace. Meanwhile King’s Candy Crush Saga saw a 17% decline in Q2 compared to the previous period, but not enough to knock it off the top app spot.

Fortnite’s dominance of the Battle Royale scene looks to be under threat, even while the market continues to grow (158% YoY). A lack of development in the app is speculated as reason for the continued QoQ decline. PUBG Mobile though, has seen a continued rise in revenues, led mainly by Android-first markets, like India.

The report also takes a deeper dive into some interesting new sub-genres that are see remarkable growth trends. Initially popularised by the PC mod scene, autobattlers are characterised units being placed around a map, followed by an automatic battle at the end of each round. Auto Chess, Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics are currently [auto]battling it out after being released during the quarter, but if the performance of Auto Chess (quadrupled revenues in June 2019) is anything to go by, this is a sector worth watching.