Airnow Data Platform Update: June 2021



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Date Live in Airnow Data: 10th June 2021 (Platform and API users)

This month’s additions to the Airnow Data platform were all centred around ease of use. As we constantly work to improve our platform, usability and the removing of the barriers between you and the insights you’re looking to access are paramount in our thoughts.

Without further ado, get an overview of the headline additions below:

Changes for existing users

  • Upgrade with ease

We’ve considerably improved our upgrade process, meaning you can easily up your access at the click of a button from the platform itself. As users just like you continue to grow, being able to access more keywords and apps at the touch of a button is a must-have, and we’re very happy to have this up and running within the platform today.

  • Connect your actuals

If you haven’t done so already, you can also now view your actuals data from the App Store and Google Play live in the Airnow platform. Simply log in to Airnow Data and connect up your profiles to see how you really stack up against the competition. As an added benefit, once you’ve connected once, you’re done - you don’t need to constantly reconnect as on other platforms, and these combined actuals will appear in one centralised place, allowing you to benchmark directly against your competitors, saving valuable time.

Changes for new users

  • Quick start

Those looking to begin their journey with Airnow Data can also do so with great ease thanks to our latest update. As a new user, you can now create an account, pick a Starter or Business plan, connect your data and get going in a matter of minutes, making it easier than ever to learn from and beat your competition in the app charts.

  • Freemium access

New users can also now sign up to get free access to your actuals data and the top app charts, simply by signing up and connecting your data. This is another step to help users of all levels learn more about your app’s market.

If you have any questions about how anything in particular has been impacted by this update, please reach out to us at info@airnowdata.com or via Intercom within the Airnow Data platform.