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Data & Methodology

Better, Faster, Stronger Data

Our data coverage is increasing all the time. The share of markets where we track ranked apps in 2020 is 98.9% (Apple) and approximately 100% (Android).

Data With A Difference

As more and more partners join the Airnow Data family, the extent of that data coverage is only set to increase.

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Where the data comes from

We rely on three primary data sources to collect our data: Public store data, Proprietary Partner Data and Anonymised User Device Data.

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How we calculate it

Download/revenue data and top chart ranks follow a predictive curve. By mining our publisher partners' data, we determine what this curve will look like.

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Why that benefits our partners

We’re able to get estimates at every rank position, with an accuracy rating of up to 92%. 34% of our partners have over 100 million downloads globally.

Show Me The Data

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