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Research. Benchmark. Track. Repeat.

Build the Perfect App Growth Strategy with Airnow Data

Data 120x120 research


With over 1 million unique keywords and 4 million apps across 55 countries, you can identify the changes which will optimise your app and ensure your company is found.

Data 120x120 benchmark


See how your app stacks up against the competition by comparing valuable metrics such as downloads, store revenue, chart ranks, DAUs and retention rates.

Data 120x120 track


With daily and weekly alerts across everything from keywords to version updates, you can keep your finger on the pulse and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Data big usageintelligence

Add a Little Usage Intelligence

See the full picture with mobile usage statistics

Our Usage Intelligence solution is powered by the largest and most diverse training set in the industry. Tracking DAU, MAU, cohorted retention and ARPDAU engagement metrics across 3.5bn unique mobile devices, we show you the optimisation statistics that make a difference.

Downloads indicate the start of a user’s journey. Usage Intelligence shows where it leads.

Discover Your App's Journey

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"Airnow Data is really useful for evaluating and comparing market potential. I filter by my own category to see the market size (downloads) as well as by the intent to buy (revenue), and compare across countries to prioritise international expansion."



Thomas Petit


Head of Growth

Welcome to the Airnow Data Family

Whether you’re a partner or a punter, joining the Airnow Data family opens the door to all the market research and analytics you could ever wish for.

Data 120x120 publisher

Our Data Partners

Our partnerships with leading Data Partners give you 12 months of access to valuable app data, reports and insights at a discounted price.

Data 120x120 featured partner

Become a Data Partner

Over 1,500 top developers and 20,000 apps have joined our Data Partner programme. Signup takes less than 30 seconds... will you be next?

Join the Family
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Data 120x120 publisher

App Publishers

Empowering product managers, marketers and mobile app executives to build brilliant apps thanks to a data-driven optimisation approach.

Data 120x120 agency

Consultancies & Agencies

Enabling management consultants, digital marketing agencies and industry researchers to build a successful app launch strategy.

Data 120x120 investor


Laying the foundations for venture capitalists, hedge fund managers and equity research firms to make smarter (and safer) investment decisions.

Data 120x120 SDK vendor

SDK Vendors

Giving ad networks and SDK vendors of mobile services the tools to close high-value deals on a more consistent basis.

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Welcome to the Airnow Family

Data 120x120 distribution

Airnow Distribution

Target users across the world, deliver apps directly to them and go global with your app with frictionless delivery and discovery solutions.

Data 120x120 data

Airnow Data

Know your app. Know your market. Research, benchmark and track mobile application data all in one place.

Data 120x120 cybersecurity

Airnow Cybersecurity

Demystifying cyber security to help businesses like yours combat and protect against threats to business-critical systems.

Data 120x120 monetization

Airnow Monetization

Providing the most advanced targeting and optimization technology on the market. The future of mobile advertising.

But That’s Enough About Us. What About You?

If you’re ready to beat your Google Play and App Store competitors, schedule a 1-1 conversation with a member of our team today.

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